Some Calligraphy Workshops & Presentations

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Yiddish Week in New York's Berkshire Mountains, 2002

The JCC in Wilmington, Delaware, 2002

Beth El Synagogue, East Windsor, NJ, 2004

Holiday Crafts Fair, Philadelphia Calligraphers' Society, Cherry Hill, NJ, 2011


Host a Hebrew Calligraphy Workshop!

Stephen Cohen Calligraphy

If you or your organization are interested in learning some of the fine art of Hebrew calligraphy, I am available for workshop sessions in New Jersey and the surrounding local area. A typical workshop lasts about 2 hours.

Topics discussed in a workshop include:

  • Relationship of Hebrew to other alphabets

  • How to hold a calligraphy pen

  • Basic pen-strokes

  • Letter-forms

  • Spacing of letters and words

Host a Presentation on the Hebrew Alphabet!

I also can give a Powerpoint presentation on the history and relationship of Hebrew to other alphabets (Approx. length 40 min.).

Topics discussed include:

  • Styles of Hebrew lettering

  • Original source of the alphabet

  • Near-Eastern and European alphabets from ancient through modern times

  • Asian writing schemes

  • Archaic and extinct alphabets throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia

Sample slide from the presentation


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